Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Who Sang It Better? #Fantasia or #Monica: 'No Stoppin' [audio]

We have ANOTHER good HEAD TO HEAD here. In our new post topic: WHO SANG IT BETTER, we pit two ARTISTS against each other to see who SANG the same song the BEST!  Now this up to WHO YOU guys feel brought more to the table--it is not meant to SHADE one artist over the other--just honest FUN and OPINIONS.  Now this is a GOOD one because Missy Elliott has made MONSTER hits for BOTH of these artists--Monica and Fantasia.  Missy produced a track that didn't end up on either of the ladies projects, but REAL fans have heard the song, 'No Stoppin'.  There is even a MASH-UP of both of these singers on the same TRACK floating around.  But for what we are doing her, you be the judge of who SANG IT THE BEST!!



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