Friday, December 9, 2016

WHO SANG IT BETTER? #Brandy or #JenniferLopez 'Louboutins' [audio]

It is COMMON practice for producers to come up with a TRACK and shop said track to a number of ARTISTS to see who is the best fit and a lot of times, who has the BIGGER WALLET.  SO.. it is not UNCOMMON for 2 artists to cover the same song.  Now I am not SURE who made this track (I think it was The-Dream) but this song, 'Louboutins' got into the hands of both Brandy and Jennifer Lopez.

YES I am well aware that this is an OLD track, but it still begs the question, 'WHO SANG IT BETTER?'  JLO or Brandy?

This is something NEW we are trying here, so just FLOAT WITH IT..  Take a LISTEN and chime in on who was your FAVE.

Apparently this was MEANT for Brandy until she was DROPPED from Epic and then it was given to JLo.  At any rate, I think Brandy's voice is a little be RICHER, so she EDGES OUT JLO, for me on this one.

1 comment:

  1. No matter who sang it this song is horrible lol



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