Saturday, December 17, 2016

Video surfaces showing #Ceelo's cell phone EXPLODING while in use before he COLLAPSES! [vid]

We are not sure if this is REAL or FAKE, but video has surfaced showing singer Cee-Lo Green using a cell phone that EXPLODES on hos face while using it before he falls to the FLOOR!  Could he be another victim of Samsung's exploding phone thing!??  Take a LOOK!

It is unclear when the incident happened as there is no timestamp on the surveillance footage. The video was published by the Instagram user "I am Philly Chase," but he doesn't share how it was obtained or when? Several reports state that the phone was a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, as the phone was discontinued earlier this year for commonly overheating and exploding. However, the video is filmed from several feet away making it difficult to distinguish the type of device.

We will keep you updated on what we find out...

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