Thursday, December 29, 2016

#TreySongz ARRESTED in #Detroit after DESTROYING a stage and injuring a cop! [vid]

Seems we are seeing a DIFFERENT side of Trey Songz as of late!  Trey was PERFORMING in Detriot when he was told he had to WRAP up his SET.  Trey obviously wasn't READY to end his show and WARNED the crowd that there would be 'REPURCUSSIONS' if they ABRUPTLY ended his show.

Then things got OUT OF HAND!! The whole incident was caught on VIDEO!

After his show was PREMATURELY INTERRUPTED, Trey WENT OFF, reports say-- he started trashing the stage and hurling objects into the crowd. His tirade resulted in an arrest and left one police officer with a concussion, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Reports say that Trey tore down the equipment behind his drummer then threw speakers and microphones from the stage into the audience.

Police approached the stage and "tried to calm" the artist, REAL NAME, Tremaine Neverson, according to the Detroit Free Press, but there efforts were in vain.

Songz was then arrested on suspicion of resisting and obstructing, as well as malicious destruction of property. This is the SECOND time this year Trey had been involved in an incident like this.

Earlier this month Trey was booted from the MGM National Harbor Hotel and Casino in Washington, D.C. He states that he and his crew were kicked out of the casino, but doesn’t give an explanation as to why.

“Hey this is Trey Songz in D.C. with a special message for the f---ing police. F--k y'all. F--k the police. F--k the MGM. F--k all y'all,” he said in the video.

Seems like Trey Songz is 'FEELING HIMSELF' these days....

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