Friday, December 30, 2016

#Tiny + #TI RECONSIDERING the DIVORCE!? [details]

I can admit, I was a bit CRUSHED when I heard that Tiny had filed for DIVORCE from  T.I.  I have grown to LIKE these two together and their FAMILY is SUPER DOPE together on 'The Family Hustle'.  But there maybe HOPE for the TWO reconciling!  The POWERCOUPLE maybe reconsidering their SPLIT!

With nearly 20 years together, T.I. and Tiny faced a rough patch over “trust” issues, according to insiders, but things have improved in recent days. They apparently even celebrated Christmas together, as a family unit.

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Let's HOPE they can WORK IT OUT! I mean it would make a GREAT STORY ARC on 'Family Hustle' if they split for a BIT then FOUND THEIR WAY BACK on the SHOW. VH1, y'all can have that idea....jsut give me EXECUTIVE PRODUCER CRED...LOL.

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