Thursday, December 15, 2016

#TBT Throwback Thursday #TamarBraxton where are YOU!? [vids]

'Braxton Family Values' has wrapped, 'Tamar & Vince' SHOULD be FILMING now and we are MISSING our girl, Tamar Braxton on 'The Real', so WHERE is TAMAR??  We got a GLIMPSE of her hosting the red carpet of this year's 'Soul Train Awards', but we need more!  We are looking forward to her return with NEW MUSIC and new 'JOBS' as she says, but until then, let's go back with some her BEST VIDEOS since it IS, THROWBACK THURSDAY, right?  I know she seldom talks about her 1st solo album, 'Tamar', but there were some STANDOUT cuts on that album, right +Lion O ???  Well let's dig into a FEW and some other JOINTS from the YOUNGEST Braxton that we DIG....

I feel like going back --way back..back into time.  Well maybe not that far back.  The posts today will spotlight some of my favorite throwback jams.  Back when the economy was good and music was even better

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