Thursday, December 15, 2016

#SouljaBoy ARRESTED for probation violation! [vid]

How does the adage go, 'A Fool and his MONEY are soon separated'.  Well in teh case of Soulja Boy, it appears that a FOOL and his GUNS are soon separated.  The rapper and sometimes reality star was ARRESTED for probation violation and a GUN was found during the search!

Now if you FOLLOW Soulja Boy on social media, you will KNOW that he is not SHY about brandishing various FIREARMS and he has even THREATENED PEOPL on CAMERA with said guns, namely his EX Nia Riley and members of the rap group Migos.

If you recall, Soulja Boy is on probation stemming from a 2014 loaded gun case, and he is not allowed to possess firearms! Soulja, real name Deandre Way,was arrested during a traffic stop in Granada Hills back in January of 2014 for possession of a loaded firearm.

According to the report, law enforcement officials received a tip that he had been threatening people online with guns. When they searched his Hollywood Hills home, a gun was seized. This is where the 'FOOLISHNESS' comes into play. If you are already on PROBATION for gun charges, why would you BROADCAST yourself with a GUN, let alone THREATEN someone?

At present, Soulja Boy is being HELD without BAIL!


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