Friday, December 23, 2016

RUMOR PATROL: #KordellStewart SCAMMED! LEAKED footage was MANIPULATED! [detailed]

For whatever reason, it seems that the general PUBLIC wants to make Kordell Stewart GAY.  he has said time and time again that he is not,but the RUMORS still follow.  This week some NSFW footage surfaced of him showing his JUNK and his ass, and some wanted us to BELIEVE that he was 'sexting' a male.  Now when we talked about this earlier this week,  said it appeared that Stewart was SCAMMED.  Stuff just wasn't ADDING UP! So NOW we get the TRUTH!
Now the footage that's FLOATING around the NET is of Stewart, BUT parts of the video were MANIPULATED--chopped and SCREWED, if you will, to IMPLY that he was sexting a dude when in fact he was NOT!

ATLien over at has all the RECEIPTS that pretty much tells the REAL STORY of this LEAKED footage!

The FEMALE that the VIDEO was MEANT for contacted ATlien to share her side of the events and she seems pretty credible with her account of the events:

from: noname noname
to: StraightFromTheA
date: Thu, Dec 22, 2016 at 7:54 PM
subject: Cordell truth
Hello. Today footage of the football player Kordell Stewart surfaced online claiming to show him exposing himself to another man. Unfortunately, I have to say this is false as a good portion of the video uploaded was sent to me, the real recipient. I am soon to be divorced and have been seeing Kordell privately for two months because I do not want our relationship to affect my divorce proceedings, as I began seeing him after we met on recent trip to Turks and Caicos in May. Of course, I was married at the time and was with my husband and his family on that trip. Foolishly, I shared a video he sent of his penis to me with friends and was horrified to see it had been shared online with a false story about a gay relationship. Even more horrifying was the fact that it has been edited to make it seem as though he exposed his butt. You’ll notice that there is a black screen between the shot of his penis (which is real) and the shot of his butt. That’s because the second shot (the butt shot) isn’t of him and has been lazily tacked onto the original video. That is why the audio has been removed.
I can vouch for this because anyone who’s “been” with Kordell knows that he has a scar on his left cheek caused by a injury he got when he played football. That scar isn’t on the behind of whoever is in that video. I know whose behind that is and why they are out to get him but I don’t want to get into that. All I know is that I feel guilty and ashamed that my decision to brag about sleeping with Slash to my friends to get back at my husband has led to this mess that has now affected my relationship with him permanently

So there you have it.

There is MORE to this....

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