Monday, December 19, 2016

#RobKardashian APOLOGIZES to #BlacChyna! Says he will seek 'HELP'! [details]

Over the WEEKEND, Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian were TRENDING all over social media and it wasn't for anything NICE!

If you missed it, Blac Chyna ALLEGEDLY too off with the baby the Eggo waffles and all the damn BBQ sauce in Rob's house and he was CLUELESS as to what had happened.

Chyna quickly CLAPPED BACK after her Instagram was hacked and her alleged plot to FLEECE the Kardashians was exposed.  She said ROB was the reason for her to LEAVE the way she did and that HE was the one that needs HELP! In case you missed it.... [revisit the DRAMA here!]

NOW it seems that Rob or Blac Chyna or a combination of both has had a CHANGE OF HEART?  Rob has APOLOGIZED to his BABY MOMMA and says he is seeking HELP!  Is this a SET-UP for season 2 or NAH?  Here is what song Rob is singing today after he has had a few hours to think about it....

He also wants to be a BETTER man and a GOOD father to his DAUGHTER, Dream...
A photo posted by ROBERT KARDASHIAN (@robkardashian) on

Be it PUBLICITY for the show or not, let's hope Rob DOES indeed get help.  The DRAMA is nice for the BLOGS and we may get a chuckle or two here and there, but we are ROOTING for Rob to be BETTER for HIMSELF.  He seems like a GOOD DUDE, so we want the best for HIM in the long run.  We will be keeping an eye on this situation.

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