Wednesday, December 7, 2016

#Rihanna SILENCES any claim of SHADE thrown at #Beyonce over 'Album of the Year' SNUB! [details]

SOCIAL MEDIA can be GREAT but it can be the DEVIL too.

FANS of Rihanna were a bit taken aback when Beyonce got NODS for 'Song of the Year' and 'Album of the Year' and RiRi did not!

ONE FAN even got a RISE out of Rihanna, but was SWIFTLY SHIT DOWN at the INCLINATION that she [Rihanna] was THROWING shade at Beyonce!

Here is how the WHOLE thing PLAYED OUT!

MORAL of the story is that there is ROOM FOR EVERYBODY and we get OUR JUST DO when it's OUR TIME.  Rihanna even knows that and we all have seen her be PETTY on SOCIAL MEDIA.  She didn't  RIDE the bus to PETTYVILLE on this one...

I am sure she knows that the BEEHIVE would've DRAGGED HER ASS TO HELL in a GASOLINE g-string.

'The NAVY' is strong but the BEYHIVE is STRONGER and relentless!  IJS.


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