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#RHOA NEWS: #KenyaMoore's 'BEAU', #MattJordan exposes ALL her TEA as LIES!! [vid]


So who caught 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' season 9 episode 5, 'Shade Grenade'?  Well if you recall, Kenya Moore was going through 'ISSUES' with her 'beau' Matt Jordan.  According to Kenya, Matt threw a HISSY FIT over a FADED, dusty PIC of her and Jay Z that she allegedly posted for 'TBT' on Instagram.  To hear Kenya tell it Matt Jordan got 'JEALOUS' and had a 'TANTRUM' which caused them not to ne on good terms for his BIRTHDAY.  Kenya went even FURTHER to set up a FORCED gathering of RHOA 'couples' to go ATV'ing for Matt's birthday.  Matt was not in attendance because as Kenya put it, they were going through a ROUGH PATCH and Matt didn't get back from California in time to make the EVENT.  Well we all kinda SURMISED that most f not ALL of this was FABRICATED made for TV drama. As was Kandi's alleged PHONE CALL from Carmon about Phaedra's 'bomb threat' that we CONVENIENTLY didn't see. If you RECALL, the whole 'PHONE CONVO' took place OFF-CAMERA and we only HEARD the alleged dialogue...which was just Kandi setting up the scene for the big reveal.  BUT that is a whole OTHER story.  Back to Matt and Kenya.  Matt is calling FOUL and exposes Kenya for LYING about the WHOLE thing.

Matt took to Instagram to let it be KNOWN what the REAL DEAL is and confirming what most of thought already--that the WHOLE BOYFRIEND storyline was a big FAT LIE!!!!!!

Matt spills EVERYTHING..after the JUMP!

Please stop lying!!! The whole abusive boyfriend thing I'll let it play out even though I was totally against the whole idea in the first place. I never once mentioned any of this stuff in the photo. When you tried to show it to me I didn't even know it was you....... And you were horribly offended  and started shouting and alluding to relationships you had with some of frankly I just don't care........ sweetie you are 45 years old and single, I want to be with you. I was proud of my queen all of the are African American Icon and legends especially to a brother that was 10 years old the most of this was filmedf any of them brothers wanted you they would have had you a long time ago. Sorry its just the truth.I won't be made out to be jealous or insecure that's never been a part of my makeup or my character. But now that we're done filming you need to be able to dispose of me properly.So when you're interviewed you  can point to a pic of HOV (happy bday brother) From 96 and say I was jealous of a photo I never felt no way about.  But conveniently leave out how you messaged my publicist to take down the video of me and Marlo because fans kept saying I looked better with her......stop it. Insecure... cursing the production team out. So you could block me from going to  Porsha's Fitness event. Tell the truth about the fake birthday you planned purposely a day before YOU booked me the flight back to ATL, So it would look like I just didn't show up. Since you're the one that asked me to come back. SHAME ON YOU. If you want the attention of any of those Brothers in the photo then contact their publicist. All respect intended I wish one of them would have married you so it wouldn't be another heartbroken sister out here.  Everybody gives you a pass. even the brother you called Gay All last season pulled me aside and told me to stand by you and love you right after I barked on him. S/o to Chris. I wish you well I really hope you get what you desire.... You had a brother that loved you.I'm trying my hardest to be mature. But please don't lie on me.
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Now.  MOST PEOPLE know that most if not ALL of reality tv is MANIPULATED, staged if not just DOWN RIGHT FABRICATED.  These are things we pretty much know for fact.  Kenya is all of 15 are so years OLDER than Matt Jordan.  What does he want with her!?  Most times on camera Matt comes off as the ALOOF, young, na├»ve, bumbling even boyfriend that is the one doting on her.  From this Instagram ETHER (shout-out to Jay Z since he is the 'cause' of all of this) it appears that Matt is NONE OF THESE THINGS.  The WHOLE 'DEER caught in HEADLIGHTS' stare and the WHOLE CHARADE is just merely an ACTING GIG it seems.

Matt ADMITS he was going along with some of the storyline and that he had actually somewhat got CAUGHT UP in the 'love affair' but will not be 'LIED ON'.

Can't we just see Matt clapping his hands together as he was watching the show saying, 'WHATCHU NOT GONE DO, BOO is LIE ON ME!' Matt let ALL THE DAMN TEA out on this shit.  Matt said he was 10 years old when them pics came out so how could he even have 'FELT SOME KINDA WAY' about them?  He was watching Nickelodeon then!  MATT did not come to PLAY WITH YOU HOES, he came to SLAY, BITCH.  And Kenya the magic DRAGON got SLAYED but a paid actor.  You are not going to mess up Matt's 'BRAND'.  And next week's episode it appears that Matt 'goes off the deep end' and this is where the 'RELATIONSHIP' allegedly ENDS.  Haven't we seen this BEFORE though?  When Kenya was 'DATING' the 'garbage truck man' as she put it, 'Walter Jackson.  HE came out after taping to say that he and Kenya had a STAGED relationship.  [Revisit HERE] How she PAINTED him on the show was nothing like he was in real life.  I met Walter at a charity event at 'The Twelve' in Atlanta after that season and he is NOTHING like they PORTRAYED him on the show.  He was a SUAVE, personable dude who had a REAL BAD CHICK on his arm that was like 10 to 15 years YOUNGER and 'BADDER' than Kenya.  So we've seen how Kenya will WEAVE people into her life to get a STORYLINE.  But MATT ain't having it.  This is BOUND to get worse.  We get it from the HORSES MOUTH that the relationship was a FARCE.  Where does Kenya go from HERE?  The whole Matt Jordan family reunion stuff..ALL LIES?  This is a SAD SAD DAY here.  Kenya Moore has met the RIGHT ONE this time.  Her shaky 'HOUSE of CARDS has fallen.

We will keep our eyes on Matt to see what else he REVEALS.  If got mad at LAST WEEK'S episode, then he is sure to FLIP ALL THE WAY out over his PORTRAYAL on the upcoming episode.  We are glad Matt let us in on the GAG that we kinda ALREADY knew.  I mean, it's only so far you are going to GO for a little FAME.  I'm with Matt, you are not going to LIE and DRAG me through the mud just for your STORYLINE then leave me for the WOLVES.  But a downside to it all is that we know SO MUCH about Matt and the farce of a relationship that he may have made himself 'UNDATEABLE'.  Anybody with anything to lose might see Matt as a LIABILITY. They may see him as a POWDER KEG that will go off at the DROP of a dime.  BUT THIS IS ATL and women are at a DEFICIT, so I am sure he will REBOUND well.  Some other 'HANGER ON' will LATCH onto Matt to try to get a PIECE of the 15 as well.  This is going to get INTERESTING to say the LEAST!  And I am interested in knowing just what Kenya has to say about her LATEST scheme blown up in her FACE.  The season is over and the CHECKS are CASHED so..maybe Kenya came out on TOP... She will indeed continue to work on the show.  Matt, however---FUTURE with RHOA is QUESTIONABLE.  Wouldn't it be an INTERESTING turn of events if he and Porsha got together!?  I mean he is CLOSER to her AGE and she IS looking for a BABY DADDY!  Bravo, you can HAVE that idea... lol.

MESSY........ THe TRUTH is in the TRUCK!!!
 What other TRUTHS are going come out of this TRUCK?? We will see....

Do NOT play with MATT JORDAN's NAME..

HE makes a VALID POINT though... IJS.....


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