Sunday, December 11, 2016

PRISON LOVE! #ApolloNida and 'FIANCEE' pose in PRISON for their ENGAGEMENT! [pics]

If you didn't believe it before than now it's 'OFFICIAL'.  Nothing says 'HAPPY ENGAGMENT' like some couple prison pics right?  Apollo Nida and Sherien Almufti  posed for pics to announce their engagement back in November.  These are the 1st pics of the COUPLE together!

via TMZ:

Nida slipped into his best prisoner khakis this past November during a visit from his gf-turned-fiancĂ©e — and smiled for the camera in front of one of those backdrops you’d see at a photo studio. It’s a service provided by the prison. Who knew?

It could be ME..and it could be all the BEIGNESS in this pic, but they actually kinda look GOOD together.. I mean a better fit (in pics that is, than his previous 'Queen of shade' Phaedra Parks....

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