Saturday, December 24, 2016

#OrlandoBrown fights with his girlfriend LIVE on SnapChat! [graphic imagery]

We are not sure what is wrong with FORMER Disney star Orlando Brown, but it appears he is in the news AGAIN.  This time Brown posts a video of him and his girlfriend in a HEATED altercation.  From the sights and sounds it appears that he is either beating her up or vice-versa.  Check out the GRAPHIC footage after the JUMP!

Now the video does not SHOW who is getting 'hit', but Orlando's baby mama alleges he has hit her in the past while she was pregnant.
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In past weeks, we have seen Brown ACT OUT in ways that are peculiar or that may suggest there is a deeper problem brewing.  Let's hope that everything is OK here and that he is getting some type of help before he SPIRALS out of control.

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