Thursday, December 8, 2016

#OrlandoBrown DEMONSTRATES how he ALLEGEDLY ate #RavenSymone's BOX!! [vid]

Raven-Symone's FORMER co-star on 'That's So Raven', Orlando Brown has been going to ANY and EVERY media outlet that will have him to DISCUSS all topics about her.  He has even gone as far as to say they had a 'relationship' of the SEXUAL KIND and offered us GRAPHIC DETAILS of such.  Now he has gone even FURTHER.  He recently DEMONSTRATED how he gave ORAL SEX ALLEGEDLY to Symone..... This is GRAPHIC... and kinda sad at the same DAMN time...take a LOOK!!

To see the GRAPHIC demonstration, click HERE!!

I think Orlando wants some ATTENTION.  Do I believe that he had a relationship with Raven... NOT REALLY, but it is SURELY possible that the two may have ad some 'DEALINGS' with one another.  Working that CLOSELY together for all them years, things are BOUND to happen.  One thing you DON'T DO is 'kiss & tell.  That's not the way you play this.  Brown seems to be media seeking.  His 15 minutes is OVER, so he is trying any and everything to stay semi-RELEVANT.  And if you notice, he does have a 'DOUBLE-CUP' so the contents may be giving him that 'LIQUID COURAGE' to act like a DAMN FOOL for views.  LOL.  Too bad though.   Let's hope he is not SPINNING out of control.

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