Friday, December 23, 2016

On This Day.. #Nas proteges #Bravehearts released 'Bravehearted' in 2003! [vid]

ON THIS DAY ( December 23, 2003) Nas and his group Bravehearts released their album 'Bravehearted' that BRED the single, 'Quick To Back Down'!!!

Bravehearted is an album by Nas's protégés, the Queensbridge rap duo Bravehearts. The duo includes Nas's brother Jungle and fellow friend Wiz. The album, however, didn't do well in sales due to little promotion, it only came in at number 75 in the Billboard 200 Charts and 20 in the Hip Hop/R&B Charts. Besides Nas releasing an album off his Ill Will Records, Bravehearts were the only other label members to release a record off this label.

The album had one single, "Quick to Back Down". The track was produced by Lil Jon and featured Nas and Lil Jon on the track. The chorus had Nas saying quick phrases in distaste for animosity towards anonymous rappers, followed by Lil Jon yelling "quick to back down!" The song was released in 2003, when the beef with Nas and Jay-Z was still brewing. Nas sent out a subliminal line to Jay-Z with the line "First of all this is Nas I'ma Braveheart veteran/and y'all already know who I'm better than." He also said "Who's the next label I'ma bury?/CEO's, rappers and A&R's go to the rap cemetery," which indirectly implies that of Roc-A-Fella. Overall, Nas as well as Wiz and Jungle rhyme with threatening messages, with "Y'all talk shit but I smell fear, mothafuckas" at the end of the verses.

The album didn't do well, but the 'Oochie Wally' remix was on there... remember that..?  I DON'T EITHER....

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