Wednesday, December 7, 2016

No Ma'am Ms Kardashian! #TheKardashians BLOCK #BlacChyna's copyright for THEIR name! [details]

Just when Blac Chyna, AKA  Angela Renee something or another, thought she was in the FOLD with the Kardashians, the sisters threw that ALLEY-OOP to each other and BLOCKED that SHOT!

Chyna was in the PROCESS of COPYRIGHTING her new name-- Angela Renee Kardashian, you know since she is ENGAGED to one and will be married to one....if her plans go as she thinks.  But Kim, Khloe and the other one THREW a wrench into that SCHEME...

According to TMZ the sisters companies are AGAINST Chyna’s request to trademark ‘Angela Renee Kardashian’ for use in entertainment and social media. The legal docs are saying if Chyna gets the trademark they’ll “suffer damage including irreparable injury to their reputation and goodwill.” The documents go on to say Chyna is “deliberately seeking to profit from the goodwill and popularity” of the Kardashian name.

AND SHE IS! The WHOLE SCHEME is and it's GREAT the Kardashians are finally realizing this and are doing something about it. Blac Chyna SHOULD HAVE just waited until she was actually MARRIED, right? This just SCREAMS out 'TRYING TO COME UP'. I KNOW Tokyo Tony is in her EAR talking SHIT about the Kardashians RIGHT NOW! LOL. BUT OH WELL... TOO BAD!  Stop trying to PROFIT off of the BACKS of others (that they have laid on to get fame) for PROFIT! LOL...

We wonder what Blac Chyna's NEXT MOVE will be???

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