Friday, December 2, 2016

#NickCannon 'CLOWNS' ex #MariahCarey's PDA pics with #BryanTanaka! [pics]

We do have to remember that Nick Cannon did get his start in COMEDY.  Well he took time out to POKE a little FUN at his EX's PDS romp with new 'beau' Bryan Tanaka!

Cannon reminds us who DID IT FIRST!

A photo posted by LORD NCREDIBLE ALMIGHTY 🕉IkeT🆙 (@nickcannon) on

A photo posted by Brandon Carter (@brandoncarter211) on

Bare in mind, Nick let's it be known it's not SHADE, just FRIENDLY RIBBING between EX's who have HISTORY and can JOKE with each other....

JUST for the RECORD, Nick and MC did it BETTER... I always ROOTED for them....

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