Wednesday, December 28, 2016

NEW VIDEO: #PHresher 'Wait A Minute' feat. #RemyMa - Is Remy DISSING #NickiMinaj!? [

PHresher got Remy Ma on the REMIX of his song 'Wait A Minute'.  But some BARS have people THINKING that she COULD be DISSING Nicki Minaj???

Remy RAPS....

“Will I smoke this bitch? Yes,” she raps. “Probably fail my piss test / Get rid of those fake breasts / And put a vest on this bitch chest.”

“That ghostwriter ’bout to call her / That lifeline getting shorter / R.I.P. Biggie Smalls, why the f*ck they ain’t want her?”

Ok let's PICK these lines apart. 'Fake breasts'--that could be a NUMBER of people. And critics were saying it was a SUBLIMINAL shot at Nicki when she brought up the 'ghostwriter' claims. Nicki's ex alleged he wrote her RHYMES... BUT GHOSTWRITING is a WAY OF LIFE in MUSIC. Biggie wrote for Kim, Jay Z wrote for Foxy, Trick wrote for Trina..IT HAPPENS--- it could be ANYONE.. We don't think it was a JAB at Nicki per se.. JUST a JA at any COMPETITOR PERIOD! If you don't think you are the best, WHY RAP? LOL.

At any rate, CHECK THE VISUAL. Directed by The Flowtastic TV, the visual features cameos by Young M.A. and Cardi B!!

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