Friday, December 16, 2016

NEW VIDEO: #MacMiller 'My Favorite Part' feat. #ArianaGrande [vid]

REAL LIFE couple team up again for a GROOVY DUET... Mac Miller is back with 'My Favorite Part' featuring his FAVE, Ariana Grande!

The two of them sing to one another through a wall from their adjacent apartments-YES WE'VE SEEN THIS PLAY OUT SO MANY TIMES IN VIDEO, but these two are kinda CUTE with it--so let's ROCK with it....

This is so GROOVY OVVY OVVY--- right?  I kinda DIG this..even though I thought it was going to be SUPER SAPPY--but it's just the right amount of SAP.. These two look good together.. let's hope they can go the DISTANCE....

'Favorite' is from Mac's latest, the critically-acclaimed 'The Divine Feminie' project in stores and online NOW!!!

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