Saturday, December 3, 2016

NEW VIDEO: #JCole 'False Prophets (Be Like This)' [vid]

Everybody talking about J.Cole....again.  On 'False Prophets', PEOPLE are all SPECULATING about who he is 'DISSING'!?  Is it a Drake diss, is it a Kanye diss or Wale diss.  Some even bringing up names like Lil Uzi and Lil Yahty.  If you listen to the LYRICS--its HIP HOP!! He is telling STORIES from his P.O.V.  Anybody taking it as a DISS are missing the POINT.  Those JUMPING on the WAGON just want some shine. HIP HOP is about being the best and telling stories.  This is what he is DOING.  Let the DEBATE continue...  WHAT HE IS doing is causing CONVERSATION and that what this thing is about, right?  LOOK & LISTEN...

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