Monday, December 5, 2016

#LilWayne shouts 'F*ck Cash Money in they A$$' at recent concert! [vid]

Lil' Wayne is still MAD a Cash Money records and it appears that there will NEVER be a TRUCE on this front.

At a recent performance at Onondaga Community College in Syracuse, the rapper dropped the mic and walked off stage but not before dropping yet another VENOMOUS rant about Cash Money:

“You have been motherfu**ing amazing. My name is Tunechi,” he told the crowd. “I’m here on behalf of Young Mula, motherfu**ing baby. F**k Cash Money in they ass. Holla back.”

Don't believe me, well here it goes...

This is not the FIRST time that Wayne has DRAGGED is LABEL, and we are sure it won't be the LAST. If you recall, Wayne and Birdman are LOCKED in HEATED litigation. He claims the label owes him $51 million and has said that he will not release 'Tha Carter V' until he gets paid what he feels he’s owed. So we may never hear that music, because it does not look like Birdman has any intentions of paying up.

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