Saturday, December 31, 2016

#KanyeWest REVEALS his LOFTY #NewYears Resolution! [vid]

As we WRAP UP 2016, we all sit and CONTEMPLATE how we are going to make the NEW YEAR, great again, right?  Well Kanye West is NO DIFFERENT from that respect at least.  The paps stopped Yeezy outside of a '24 Hour Fitness' health club in L.A. to ask him about his New Year's Revolution and this is what he had to say:

Yeezy was stopped by the paparazzi on his way out of a 24 Hour Fitness health club on Tuesday (Dec.27) and he was asked about his resolution for 2017.

“I just want everybody to be happy,” he told TMZ.

Now it's been a HARROWING year for West and his family. Kanye West REVEALED his STRAINED relationship with Jay Z and Beyonce. 'Jumped in bed' with President-Elect, Donald Trump. Had to endure Kim Kardashian's Paris robbery and himself suffered a MENTAL BREAK-DOWN in front of his fans causing his Saint Pablo Tour to be CANCELED. So it's RIGHTFULLY SO that Kanye West would just want some HAPPINESS for all, right?? Right. Let's hope that in 2017 that comes to pass.

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