Friday, December 9, 2016

#JCole's 'DeJaVu' & #BrysonTiller's 'Exchange'-SAME BEAT- Who MADE THE TRACK though!? [details]

It appears that PRODUCERS are FIGHTING over who made a PARTICULAR track!  We all remember Bryson Tiller's 'Exchange', right?  Fast Forward to today and we hear J.Cole's 'De Ja Vu'--SAME BEAT... so the debate is WHO MADE THE TRACK!!??

Vinylz and Boi-1da produced Cole’s track and they are now accusing Foreign Teck of stealing their idea for Tiller’s cut, which he produced along with Remedy as The Mekanics.

Foreign Teck responded:

Both “Exchange” and “Deja Vu” utilize a sample of K.P. & Envyi’s “Swing My Way,” but Vinylz, Boi, and Foreign aren’t the only ones claiming ownership of the sample idea. Another producer named Gmoney released a YouTube video in June, claiming his beat from 2013 was stolen for “Exchange.” In the extensive clip, G explains how “Exchange” could be derived from his beat for a song titled “Shawty So Cold.”

Now it's no DENYING that the two songs sound alike, but we STILL don't know who made the TRACK!

We will keep you posted on what we find out...

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