Thursday, December 15, 2016

FORMER #NFL RB #JamalAnderson BANNED from gas station after EXPOSING his PENIS to male clerk! [vid]

Well I guess FORMER Atlanta Falcon, Jamal Anderson won't be PARTAKING in those gas station hotdogs anymore after his latest food run to the gas station.  Anderson has been banned from a QuikTrip store in Gwinnett County, Georgia, after police said he exposed himself to a store clerk Wednesday, according to Steve Burns of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Per TMZ Sports: "The clerk reported a black male had walked into the store early Wednesday morning, slurred something and started handing over money. He started walking around the store. A short while later he walked up to the clerk and took out his penis and started masturbating."

The clerk then called 911. The call can be heard below:

The clerk decided against pressing charges, per Burns, so Anderson was issued a warning for criminal trespassing, meaning if he returns to the store he will be arrested.

Anderson appeared to be intoxicated, according to authorities, who ordered him an Uber to take him home, per TMZ. SMH.

MY THOUGHT is why did the CLERK call the POLICE if he didn't want to PRESS CHARGES?

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