Thursday, December 29, 2016

#Drake + #JLo get COZY--#Rihanna UNFOLLOWS her! This is just what they WANT! [details]

I wasn't going to say anything about this story, because EVERYBODY is talking about it and saying that they are a COUPLE.  Drake and Jennifer Lopez have been getting COZY as of late.

The SOCIAL MEDIA picture of the TWO 'EMBRACING' is causing EVERYONE to speculate that the two are an ITEM.  THe pic was posted by BOTH, but no CAPTION! DO YOU REALLY think they are an ITEM?? NOT... AND HERE IS WHY....

A photo posted by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) on

THE NAVY is not having it.... LOL

So of course, they want you guys to DRAW YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS which in turn gets people TALKING ABOUT them even more.....and this is a GOOD THING, right?? ALL the POSSIBILITIES, right?   Then shortly after this POSTING, Rihanna UNFOLLOWS JLO on Instagram!  COINCIDENCE or part of the PLAN?  Now I am not SAYING that they all are in CAHOOTS, but when CELEBS are not onstage or in front of a camera, their lives are PRETTY MUCH boring like us.  To be able to DRAW PEOPLE IN and manipulate and 'control' a CAPTIVE MASSIVE audience must be GREAT.  They have to do SOMETHING in their SPARE TIME, right!  If I were in that situation, I WOULD.

Is Jlo dating Drake?? Probably NOT.  She is like OLD ENUFF to be his MOM or at least is aunt--You know the AUNT that STILL THINKS she got it going on!  THAT AUNT.  So I don't see a RELATIONSHIP here.  They may cuddle for the GRAM, and they may even SHARE a KISS, but there isn't anything LASTING to this. AND Rihanna 'unfollowing' her is just her way to get in on the FUN as well.

You know EVERYTIME two celebs are 'SPOTTED' together more than ONCE, they are a 'COUPLE'.

I guess it is our UNDYING FASCINATION of CELEBS LIVES that keeps these things going right!!

We will MONITOR this 'RELATIONSHIP' but I think this will die down soon.  The TWO ARE working on MUSIC together,, so there you have it.

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