Saturday, December 31, 2016

#Drake + #JLo dance, coo and KISS at 'Winter Wonderland Prom'! Tease COLLAB! [vid]

Now you KNOW the RUMOR MILL is going NUTS now at the latest spotting of RUMORED COUPLE, Drake and Jennifer Lopez.  People are still talking about their CUDDLY Instagram pic from a few days ago... NEITHER ONE IS TALKING, but we all are.

Like I said, I DOUBT a 'RELATIONSHIP" is here.  Maybe some flirting, HEAVY PETTING, but RELATIONSHIP--doubt it.  They just want us to SPECULATE.  But anyways--lets move on to this 'Winter Wonderland Prom' that the two were spotted at recently.  The TWO danced, cooed, and KISSED in what looks like a MUSIC VIDEO set.  So maybe this is the RUMORED COLLAB between the two that we have been waiting for.

At ANYRATE, let's take a LOOK and see if we see any CHEMISTRY.....

A video posted by Karla (@slayitlikejlo) on

A video posted by Word On Road (@wordonrd) on
a remix to Black Coffee’s Bucie-assisted 2010 single “Superman.”
Drake's father gets his CAMEO on in the CLIP and it appears that Drake is FLEXING his ACTING CHOPS once again.  We don not know what the SONG is right now.  It could be a remix to Black Coffee’s Bucie-assisted 2010 single “Superman.” But that does not seem to be Jlo's M.O. If she is going to enlist DRAKE, I am SURE she will have an ALL NEW SONG to KICKSTART 2017! At any rate, all the BUZZ is DEFINITELY going to work in her favor. We've been FOLLOWING these two for DAYS NOW. SO the SONG better be FIRE!!!!

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