Saturday, December 17, 2016

#CeeLo RESPONDS to 'Exploding phone' video! [vid]

Cee-Lo Green is SPEAKING out about the EXPLODING PHONE video that we reported about  earlier today!

The singer took to social media Saturday night to explain that the viral clip was fake.

"I just want to let everybody know that I am alive, and I'm well, and I'm ok," CeeLo Green said on Facebook.

The singer also offered an apology for those who watched the short clip.

"What you saw today was a clip from a smaller video that we were shooting for a new project I'm doing," CeeLo said.

SO ALL IS WELL...right?  Hopefully Samsung won't SUE him for DEFAMATION or something.  I mean many thought the video was LINKED to Samsung's exploding Note 7 phone scandal.  So further NEGATIVE press could further CRIPPLE the company's image.  We'll see how this PLAYS OUT.

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