Monday, December 19, 2016

#CamilaCabello EXITS #FifthHarmony with NO GOODBYE! [details]

Well it looks like Fifth Harmony may change their name to 4th Harmony?? The LADIES are down one member!  That's right, Camila Cabello EXITS stage left and does not even say GOODBYE!  Word from the CURB is that she didn't even tell her group members---her reps did!

The GROUP came to be on th 2nd season of 'X-Factor' USA and have a HUGE following. But fans are SHOCKED at her EXIT and this is how it went down!

It appears that Camila LEFT and had her REPS inform her FORMER group members!


The 4 remaining members VOW to go on as a foursome...

Now what happened?  All the MEMBERS have solo aspirations, but had SQUASHED rumors of a COMPLETE split, but the word is that there were some TENSION in the GROUP.
Insiders suggest that tensions between Cabello and the other group members had long been festering. In fact, December 18, the day the split was announced, marked the conclusion of Cabello's contractual obligations to the group and offered an exit, says a source.

One girl down means splitting the money just 4 ways, so it's not TOO bad. I guess the FANS will just have to DEAL....

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