Thursday, December 8, 2016

Bubbling Under Artist: #BibiBourelly 'Ballin' [audio]

This singer/songwriter has been making WAVES as of late and you probably don't know who she is--but you have heard her song, 'Ballin.  Well she is Badriia Ines Bourelly (born 14 July 1994), professionally known as Bibi Bourelly (which is also her stage name), is a German singer and songwriter signed to Def Jam Recordings and based in Los Angeles. She is the writer (or co-writer) of several notable songs including Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money" and "Higher" and Nick Brewer's "Talk to Me." Bourelly is featured on tracks such as Lil Wayne's "Without You," and Usher's "Chains". She also released two singles in 2015 ("Riot" and "Ego") in preparation for the release of her debut studio album later in 2016. UP NEXT is her infectious new single, 'Ballin' which chronicles her life on HIGH despite her pockets being on LOW! Take a LISTEN!

Remember where you heard it FIRST!!  She is just BUBBLING UNDER the surface, but we EXPECT her to make a HUGE splash in the NEW YEAR for sure!!!

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