Thursday, December 1, 2016

#BBWLA shake-up!- #NickYoung and #DwyaneWade BABY MOMMAS added to cast! [details]

It appears that VH1 is really trying to UP the ANTE for 'Basketball Wives LA' season 6.  We already reported that Angel Brinks, Duffey, and Angel Love were all AXED, and that Brandi Maxiel and Malaysia Pargo were KINDA AXED, although they may make APPEARANCES on season 6.  VH1 has decided to add some NEW BLOOD to the mix and these BABY MOMMAS have ONGOING, CURRENT interactions with BALLERS.  Dwyane Wade and Nick Young's baby mommas definitely have some CURRENT tea they can spill about their baby daddies, which should make this upcoming season JUICIER than in seasons past.

Production sources say Keonna Green, who just had her 2nd child with Nick, and Aja Metoyer--who has a 3-year-old by Dwyane -- will join Shaunie O'Neal, Tami Roman and Jackie Christie for the next season. If you recall it was the TRYST between Nick Young and Keonna Green that broke he and Iggy Azalea up!! It's about time Vh1 cleaned house and kinda started from scratch and also include WOMEN that have ONGOING, current dealings with BALLERS who are still actually playing. I don't know how Jackie Christie managed to survive the 'SLASHING', but I suppose her CRAZINESS and her affinity to the BROWN LIQUOR saved her for some more POSSIBLE hilarious and ZANY storylines. ALSO it is reported that Evelyn Lozada will return, so the NEXT season should be pretty INTENSE!!

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