Monday, December 12, 2016

#AtlantaFX star #LaKeithStanfield CRASHED 'Critic's Choice Award' stage to 'ACCEPT' Best Comedy Award! [vid]

I guess LaKeith Stanfield felt that HIS show should've won the 'Best Comedy' Award at The 22nd annual Critics’ Choice Awards that took place on Sunday night.

In case you missed the 'Atlanta' star made his way onto the stage as the executive producer Tom Lassally, and the cast and crew were ATTEMPTING to accept the award. Stanfield is best known as the weed-smoking friend 'Darius' on FX's 'Atlanta'.  Kanye West would be SO PROUD of LaKeith at this moment!

“I want to thank everybody for honoring us in this way,” Lakeith said with a straight face. “We worked very hard on Silicon Valley and here we are. Thank you.” as the cast and crew of 'Silicon Valley' stood by looking STUNNED.  CHECK out the AWKWARD moment after the JUMP!

"Atlanta" was NOMINATED in this category, but as you can see, they did not win, so Stanfield took this opportunity to 'protest', maybe??

Following the bizarre incident on stage, Stanfield sent out the following TWEET:

NOW I've heard a LOT more BUZZ surrounding 'Atlanta' than I have heard about 'Silicon Valley' depending on what cirlcles you travel in, but hey, what do I KNOW?  Maybe NEXT YEAR, 'Atlanta' will get their just DO.... IJS.

We all know the POLITICS of the business.... From the look of 'Veep' star Sam Richardson, he ALREADY KNEW what was about to GO DOWN...
Our SENTIMENTS, exactly, Sam....

Lakeith must've been on the BROWN LIQUOR!!??

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