Sunday, November 20, 2016

Yeezy MELTDOWN! #KanyeWest SLAMS #Beyonce for #VMA debacle & CALLS OUT #JayZ! [vid]

Kanye West is REALLY on something or UP to SOMETHING or EXPOSING 'TRUTHS'?  We are not SURE, but at his 'Saint Pablo' tour stop last night (11-19-16), Yeezy went OFF and his targets this time were Beyonce and Jay Z!!!

Now just days after implying that he supports Donald Trump and that we should 'forget' about racism, Yeezy is back on his 'SHIT' AGAIN.  Let's go back to the VMA's where he RUSHED the stage as Taylor Swift was accepting the Video of the Year award.  Yeezy is now claiming that BEYONCE was the one that put him up to that! And that he had to suffer the repurcussions of it while she went virtually unscathed by the controversy!  That's not it.  It also calls JAY Z out as well saying, 'Be A Man' and call me!'  We are left to assume that he has yet to receive a CALL from Jay since his last RANT.

Check out how it all unfolded:

There is MORE!!

Now of course the CROWD was not going to stand for EVEN Kanye to speak against Jay & Bey.  After all the BOOS and UPROAR, Kanye ABRUPTLY ends concert after just 3 songs!

The TAKE HOME message here--CALL KANYE. Somebody. Anybody.  It appears he is SELF-DESTRUCTING before our eyes and it is sad to see because he is SO TALENTED.  He needs Shirley Caesar to sing 'HOLD MY MULE' to him and tell him it will be OK... LOL.... But seriously.  HELP KANYE.  Something is NOT RIGHT here.  Even if there is some TRUTH to his claims, some things you take for the TEAM and discuss and figure out behind CLOSED DOORS.  IJS.

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