Tuesday, November 29, 2016

WATCH: #Shameless season 7 ep 8 'Ourboros' [full ep]

Monica returns who proclaims she has changed leaving the rest of the Gallagher family skeptical again; she reveals later on to Frank outside Neil's apartment that she has brain damage and is dying. Fiona has a negative encounter with a reviewer at Patsy's. Debbie gets Frannie back. Lip's alcohol addiction returns and sets him off into a new downward spiral. Frank continues his adventures with Etta. Kev, V, and Svetlana go to couples' therapy; he and V learn later on that Svetlana has changed the Albi's business format and somehow now owns a part of the bar. Ian and Trevor engage into another argument over Trevor's ID after attempting to enter a bar; Trevor meets Monica which her body language does not set with him well. Arriving at the Gallagher house, Ian is greeted by a detective who informs him that Mickey has escaped from prison. WATCH 'Shameless' season 7 episode 8, 'Ourboros' after the JUMP!


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