Wednesday, November 16, 2016

WATCH: #Empire season 3 ep 6 'Chimes At Midnight' [full ep]

EMPIRE was GOOD wasn't it though!??? Empire is hacked and the leak creates feuds between artists and among the Lyon family. Andre takes advantage of the leak to step up and prove his worth to the company. Meanwhile, Lucious continues to try and drive a wedge between Cookie and Angelo, and Jamal finds himself in a love triangle. WATCH 'Empire' season 3 episode 6 'Chimes At Midnight' after the JUMP!!!

Cookie's COOKIES exposed, 'Empire' hate their BOSS, Lucious!?  ALL the secrets came out, right?  Who knew Andre could get his hands DIRTY like THAT!?  It seems that Andre and Nessa are Lucious and Cookie, RISING? Right??

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