Friday, November 25, 2016

#TheWeeknd TEASES JOINT project with #Drake!? [details]

Nowadays it seems that EVERYONE wants to do a JOINT PROJECT with someone.  There was a RUMORED Drake and Kanye project in the works, but with Yeezy's latest medical condition, who knows when that would see the day.

There have been talks about a joint Beyonce and Jay Z album for some time, but you know they WRITE their own rules, so who KNOWS when or if that 'rule' will be written.  Now there are RUMBLINGS that there maybe a joint project between The Weeknd and Drake brewing.  The Weeknd recently did an interview for Beats 1, where he TEASED that it could possibly GO DOWN!

"He came in as my big bro and showed the world what I could do,” said The Weeknd. “From then on, he’s always been supporting me and I’ve always been supporting him. Behind the scenes, we’re still very close but it’s cool that the world can see us doing our own thing. OVO/XO will always be there.

“It’s cool to have both monsters work together as opposed to one monster and one little guy coming in,” he added. “It’s dope, like Kanye and Jay Z, when [Watch the Throne] happened.”

When PRESSED about doing a joint project, he said, “Maybe. Why not?”

The TWO have worked together on more than one occasion and the PRODUCT has always been DOPE, so let's hope the two can find time from their own projects to collaborate on something HUGE together!

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