Tuesday, November 22, 2016

TECHIE TUESDAY: #Samsung is BLOWING UP... literally! [details]

Samsung Electronics has had some major product issues recently! Just a short while ago, the mega electronics corporation has had to discontinue the manufacturing of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone due to reports of the device heating up and catching fire. As if that weren't enough, now there are reports of several models of its washing machines exploding as well... 2.8 million units are being recalled!

Several consumers has reported injuries from the drums in the washers losing balance, vibrating uncontrollably and spinning so furiously that the top of the washer becomes separated from the rest of the unit. This incident occurred when they washer was set on a high-spin cycle. There has been a VOLUNTARY recall issued for the washers (why would someone CHOOS which includes an E to keep a washer that has the potential to blow up is beyond us, but we digress).. Consumers have the option to have in-home repairs done to reinforce the drum, to do a rebate, or to receive a mail-in label kit which includes a new control panel guide. If one of the affected washers was purchased in the last 30 days, there is also the option of a full refund. It is being advised that consumers who own one of the recalled machines hit an all-time high just last month.to use the high spin cycles, but to use a delicate, waterproof cycle when treating delicate garments. Despite the product issues, though, ironically enough Samsung's stock reached an all-time high last month. We guess people like the excitement of things that blow up!


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