Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The REAL reason #Blackstreet was ABSENT from #TeddyRileyTribute at #SoulTrainAwards!? [details]

At this year's Soul Train Awards, Teddy Riley REMINDED US why he is and will always be THAT music INNOVATOR!  He is CREDITED with creating that style of music called 'NEW JACK SWING' that was PREVALENT in the 90's.  Riley had a HUGE impact on MUSIC and has worked with the BEST and the BRIGHTEST spanning the genres of POP, ROCK and R&B.  He was a KEY MEMBER in not one, not two, but THREE HUGE groups, Wreckx-N-Effect, Guy, and Blackstreet.  SO OF COURSE, Soul Train UNDERSTANDABLY gave him a FITTING TRIBUTE!

We are still talking about the tribute--Riley hit the stage to cover a mash of hits like "My Prerogative'' and "Rump Shaker." Riley was also joined on stage by Bobby Brown, V. Bozeman, Doug E. Fresh, and Tito Jackson, Guy, just to name a few. But NOTICABLY ABSENT were any members of Blackstreet. Did anyone notice this besides me? I mean Teddy helped craft hits with Blackstreet like 'No Diggity', 'Joy' and 'Before I Let You Go' to name a few, but none of these songs were included. Of course if he were to cover all of his hits we would still be watching the tribute today, but with such HUGE hits like these, one would scratch their heads as to why at least ONE wasn't FEATURED, right?

We may have some DETAIL as to WHY Blackstreet was a NO SHOW at the tribute.

Teddy Riley originally registered the "Blackstreet" Service Mark on July 1, 1997; however, the mark was cancelled on April 4, 2008 after a "Section 9 Renewal" required under the Trademark Regulations was not filed within the year before the end of the 10th year after the registration. Subsequently, on November 16, 2010, Chauncey Black registered and acquired the "Blackstreet" Service Mark, and then on May 8, 2012, he also registered and acquired the corresponding "Blackstreet" Trademark as well.

Teddy Riley later faulted Chauncey Black for the cancellation of the "Blackstreet" Trademark and Service Mark, and on April 17, 2014, Riley filed a Petition for Cancellation of the Service Mark, and a Petition for Cancellation of the Trademark on April 29, 2015, citing to "first use in commerce" and "likelihood of confusion" as the basis for his petitions.
While the Trademark litigation was pending before the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board, Riley also initiated a civil action in the United States Federal Court for the Eastern District of New York on March 18, 2015, also in an effort to reacquire the right to use the "Blackstreet" name, thus effectively suspending the actions before the TTAB for the time being until the civil action is resolved.

Although Black continues to hold himself out as the "CEO" of Blackstreet Entertainment, Inc., official records from the Virginia State Corporation Commission show that Black's name is conspicuously absent from the 2015 Annual Report, and that Riley remains the CEO and Director of Blackstreet Entertainment, Inc.  SO IT'S UNCLEAR as to WHO OWNS the name.  So this begs the question who owns the rights to the MUSIC.  One would think that Riley does because he was the PRODUCER, but we are still not sure. As for why they're not performing together, Black claims he can't work with Riley because of his "uncooperation."  LITIGATION is still ongoing.

So BAD BLOOD between Teddy and Chauncey Black and some TRADEMARK litigation could EASILY be the reason for Blackstreet's ABSENCE. Money, pride and EGOS can easily SIDETRACK friendships and particularly music acts.  It would've been GREAT to see all the members of Blackstreet on one stage, but alas... it didn't happen.  Maybe one day....

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