Saturday, November 12, 2016

#ShiaLaBeouf FREESTYLES on #SwayInTheMorning! Takes JAB at #Drake? [vid]

WHO KNEW Shia LaBeouf had some RHYME SKILL..well a little at least.  Shia proved that he may have a little Eminem in him on 'Sway in the Morning's '5 Fingers of Death' segment where he APPERAS to take a SWIPE at Drake and newjack Lil' Yachty.  Shia rapped:

“It’s trash rap in October,” raps Shia. “Who wrote what for who? It’s all so below par / Substandard / Used to be a litmus / If you didn’t write your own shit, you got dismissed.”

Is that a OVO diss?

He then took a more DIRECT shot at Lil Yachty:

“Where did spitters go?” he asks. “Garbage litter shit they wrote / Miss me with that Lil Boat / ‘Cause bigger individuals / Committed to these principals / Is living on they tippy-toes / Sinking with a hippy’s hope.”

Ok. All in fun right? I am sure no one's feathers were ruffled TOO much. I mean, Shia is an actor--so hopefully no 'CLAPBACKS' will be needed...but you never know....

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