Wednesday, November 16, 2016

#RHOA NEWS: #KandiBurruss ADDRESSES her and Phaedra's FAILED FRIENDSHIP & #MamaJoyce! [vid]

REMEMBER a LONG TIME AGO when RHOA cast mates, Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks were BFFS!?  Well that time has past and there is no SIGNS of RECONCILIATION anytime soon.  If you watched the most RECENT episode of 'RHOA' you will even see that that the two were almost DOWNRIGHT ICY to each other at Porsha's group event.[if you MISSED IT here it is!]

Kandi has spoken OUT about what's that was all about....after the JUMP!!

ALSO a fan even had some CHOICE WORDS about Kandi's MOTHER, Mama Joyce as well.  If you REMEMBER, Joyce had A BIG opinion about Phaedra.

I think Kandi handled that well.  She could've EXPLODED!!  You know when people talk ill of your MOTHER, we tend to POP OFF!  At any rate, do you think Phaedra and Kandi could ever be friends again??  I think if they were not on this SHOW, they could mend the fences.  But as long as RHOA is a 'THING' they probably won't.  IJS.

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