Monday, November 14, 2016

#RHOA NEWS: #ApolloNida ENGAGED-yet still married-BEHIND BARS!? [details]

New 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' season, of course NEW TALES and STORYLINES!  Word from the CURB is that Apollo Nida, who is STILL legally married to Phaedra Parks got ENGAGED from behind bars.  ALSO, it is rumored that the NEW 'QUEEN" has taped segments of for this SEASON!!

Okay let's figure this out after the JUMP!!

TMZ released some DETAILS on this 'ENGAGEMENT':

Apollo started dating the woman 2 years ago … before he started his prison sentence, and they got engaged a couple months ago. We’re told the woman lives in NJ, not far from the the federal prison where he’s serving his sentence … and she visits twice a week.

She and Apollo have both shot scenes for the upcoming ‘RHOA’ season — he’s on by phone — and we’re told producers want to keep her identity under wraps until the episode airs..

So the suspense looms as to who the new lady is and what Phaedra's thoughts are about it. Of course she is going to act as if all is well, because if we watch the show, we see that she is moving FORWARD in her DIVORCE, or that it may even be let her tell it. But as far as we know and as far as PUBLIC RECORD states, the two are still LEGALLY MARRIED!

INTERESTING 'PLOT' twist, though.

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