Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Petty Report: #Brandy, Brady's Mom and #Monica BEEFING over #WhitneyHouston?

Now if this isn't PETTY.  IT'S SO PETTY that we are even ALMOST over it...but not QUITE.  This whole 'BEEF' or WHATEVER you want to call it between Monica and Brandy is getting to be SICKENING.  At Brandy's tribute on this year's Soul Train Awards, allegedly she changed some lyrics to her song that may have been a JAB at Monica.  I didn't feed into it much..I was just ENJOYING the HITS.

BUT NOW it appears the TWO frenemies are beefing over Whitney Houston! Yes.  It's that PETTY. And BRANDY'S MOM, Sonja Norwood JUMPS IN NOW!  During the most recent episode of OWN’s ‘Where Are They Now?’ Monica shared a personal story about her relationship with Whitney and referred to her as a ‘fairy godmother.’

WE ALL KNOW how much of an IDOL Whitney Houston was to Brandy--she even thanked Whitney as she was accepting her Soul Train Lady of Soul Award this year. So MAYBE these comments about HER idol from Monica RUFFLED Brandy's feathers a bit, so she took to SOCIAL MEDIA to post some words REMINDING US that Whitney and she SHARED a REALLY special relationship.

Brandy is TRYING IT, RIGHT? I mean, Whitney had a IMPACT on many people besides her... GIRL SIT DOWN!!

So when a FAN jumped in to say Brandy was being PETTY, Sonja Norwood, Brandy's MOM JUMPS into the mix!

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So Monica's fans started GOING IN ON Brandy'a MOM, so Brandy decided she need to CLAP BACK at the HATERS!

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BRANDY is no longer a 'PUNK' as she says:

They really need to have a SEAT.  Monica ALREADY said that she is OVER IT, so MOMMA NORWOOD should be HELPING the SITUATION and not ADDING FUEL to the FIRE.  Since Oprah had Monica on her show, maybe she needs to do another EPISODE with BOTH OF them to END this MESS, or call Iyanla or somebody, PLEASE!  IT's too much.

I guess their song, 'It All Belongs To Me' is APPLICABLE.  Brandy WANTS IT ALL, I GUESS....

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