Tuesday, November 29, 2016

NEW VIDEO: #JoJo 'FAB' feat. #RemyMa [vid]

JoJo is BACK on the scene after a LENGTHY hiatus and is poised to release her UPCOMING album, 'Mad Love'.Mad Love chronicles the struggles JoJo endured during her hiatus from music, due to her lengthy legal dispute with Blackground Records.

“Tell me who, who would I be without you/? No matter how much we lose, every time I bet my life on you,” JoJo sings on the album’s opening track “Music.," a heart-wrenching ode to both the titular subject and her late father Joel Levesque, who she lost in November of last year. “Went on the road to make my daddy proud," the singer recalls. "But I lost him and then I sang to the crowd/ My only hope is that he's looking down/ Thinking: 'Oh my God, my daughter's doing it now.'” 

 Ahead of that, she links up with 'ALL THE WAY UP' rapstress for 'FAB'!  Take a LOOK and LISTEN!


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