Tuesday, November 22, 2016

NEW MUSIC: #RayJ disses #Kimye in new song 'Famous' featuring #ChrisBrown! [audio]

Why?  It appears it is OPEN SEASON on the Kardashian-West family this week.  After Kanye's ROUGH WEEK, it appears that Ray-J wants to make it HURT worse with his  'DISS' track of Kimye!  In the song, he croons:

I just wanna flex on my ex
I just put my name on the check
Nigga smokin' propane on the jet
Bitches doin' cocaine on the jet
F-ck all the hater shit, know that you see me
Big wheels, I'm whippin' a Lamborghini
I see you act like I ain't nobody
Tryna f-ck a nigga high up with your issues
Talkin' 'bout, "Baby I miss you"

Chris Brown jumps on the track with some choice words about his ex as well.... TAKE A LISTEN!

I don't know about this one.... Seems like everybody on this one desperate to be FAMOUS.... Chris, why did you feel the need to so-sign this??

The new track is from Ray-J's upcoming project, 'Raydemption'.


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