Wednesday, November 23, 2016

NEW MUSIC: #Prince 'Moonbeam Levels' [snippet]

Want some 'new' music from the artist, Prince!??  Well the doors of the VAULT have been OPENED and we get a TASTE of what's to come from one of two upcoming Prince greatest hits albums. 'Moonbeam Levels' is here for 4 U 2 TASTE and savor, TAKE A LISTEN after the JUMP!

GMA releases a SNIPPET of the upcoming song.  'Moonbeam Levels' is being BILLED as a never-before-heard track but apparently the song was leaked back in the mid-’80s.

“Moonbeam Levels” was reportedly recorded on July 6, 1982 as part of the Prince’s '1999' sessions and is now on Prince 4Ever, a 40-song greatest hits collection that is being released today via Amazon and brick-and-mortar shops, according to The StarTribune.

Wanna hear it? HERE it goes....

"Moonbeam" can be found on the new collection titled "Prince 4Ever," which was released today,(11-23-16) and features 40 songs including "Kiss," "When Doves Cry" and "Purple Rain."

A deluxe reissue of "Purple Rain" will be released next year and will include a second album of previously unreleased material.

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