Wednesday, November 16, 2016

NEW MUSIC: #NickiMinaj REWORKS #RaeSremmurd's #1 hit, 'Black Beatles'! [audio]

Nicki Minaj is back on her 'BS'...and we mean 'BOSS STATUS'!  Nicki has been relatively QUIET as of late on the SOLO tip, but comes BLAZING back with 'Black Barbie'.  Onika REWORKS Rae Sremmurd's #1 single, 'Black Beatles'!  On the FREESTYLE, Nicki takes JABS at some of her HATERS and even NAMECHECKS President-elect, Donald Trump!!!

"Donald Trump want me go home / Still pull up with my wrist lookin' like a snow cone / She said she got a hit record, I said 'Oooh shit!' / Picked up my phone cause I had to call 'Bullshit!"

I wonder who Nicki was CALLING OUT with that SUBLIMINAL? I mean as far as female RAP--other than Remy, she is pretty much SAILING OUT in the OCEAN alone these days.... and that's a GOOD THING. At any rate, take a LISTEN to the REMIX after the JUMP!!!

WE KINDA LIKE IT.. I have not heard much lately to make me DOWNLOAD, but I think I just might have to CHECK INTO this..and the ORIGINAL....


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