Tuesday, November 29, 2016

#Monica RESPONDS to #Brandy #SoulTrainAwards slight! [details]

We are STILL talking about Brandy's stellar 'Soul Train Awards' performance, right!?  Right.  Brandy laid out HIT after HIT reminding us just why she was the 'Lady of Soul' Award recipient of the year.  But we were a little taken aback when Monica was ABSENT from her tribute vignette and performance of one of Brandy's BIGGEST HITS, 'The Boy Is Mine'.  It would've been GREAT if the two hit the stage together but in light of RECENT social media 'beefs'.  It appears that the TWO or at odds with each other.  Fans often want to PIT THESE TWO against each other , but Monica is here to let us KNOW she wants no PART of the drama.

This is what Monica had to say about the 'SLIGHT'.

There you have it.  Monica is NOT BOTHERED and wants NO PART to the DRAMA!

Maybe we can LET THIS GO..it appears that Monica has...


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