Thursday, November 10, 2016

MichaelEaly REVEALS that he and his wife welcomed a BABY GIRL on #TheSteveHarveyShow! [vid]


Who knew Michael Ealy was MARRIED let alone on his 2nd child!  That's right, Ealy was recently on 'The Steve Harvey Show' and REVEALED that he and his wife Khatira recently had a daughter!  Take a LOOK!

Ealy is VERY private about his PERSONAL LIFE.  We once did an interview with him at the BET Awards red carpet and he revealed that all the lights and cameras and red carpet things "make him nervous'.  We also asked him if he wasn't an actor what would he be doing?  He said he would be a TEACHER.  Well now he has two little ones that he can teach.  The pair have a four year old son as well.


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