Thursday, November 10, 2016

#KillerMike BREAKS DOWN how he THINKS #DonaldTrump won on #TheReal [vid]

Rapper and activist, Killer Mike is ALWAYS very vocal and well-spoken on a lot of POLITICAL and SOCIAL topics.  Mike recently sat down with 'The Real' to explain how he THINKS Donald Trump was able to snatch away the presidency from a CLEARLY more experienced politician, former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton: “there just happen to be, by this country, more poor angry white people.”

He elaborates below:

Killer Mike wrapped up his message by encouraging people to call their local government offices to facilitate an on-going dialog for the future.

"This is our country. You vote people in, people are appointed because of your will," he said. "So what you guys have to do is stay vigilant about making sure that this country is progressing. We are definitely going to see a female president within our lifetime."
He made some valid points... THOUGHTS??

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