Friday, November 25, 2016

#JenniferHudson is getting DRAGGED on social media for these SHOCKING PICS! [pics]

Now EVERYBODY is not going to have their GLAM SQUAD on deck before they post special moments on social media.  CASE IN POINT, Jennifer Hudson decided to post some SPECIAL FAMILY moments from THANKSGIVING of her, her son and fiance' David Otunga on the net.  LAWD HAVE MERCY, why did she do THAT!  SOCIAL MEDIA has been ROASTING her ass because of her.... APPEARANCE...Take a LOOK and tell me what you think... IS IT THAT BAD??

This PIC started is all!!!!

Some FANS went in on J-Hud's PIG TAILS or whatever you want to call them...
EVERYBODY can't have EDGES, but you can BUY THEM for sure..
Here are what some FANS are saying:


So JHUD clapped back... a little...

What did she EXPECT.  Social media today gives people these PLATFORMS to say what they want.  SHE KNOWS she is a STAR so she is going to be a TARGET for sure.  If you want to post 'candid' pics, put on LIGHT makeup and make sure the HAIR is done a LITTLE to give the APPEARANCE of a NATURAL, CANDID family moment.  You have to PLAY THE GAME J-Hud!  Make them THINK you WOKE UP LIKE THIS.. who coined that PHRASE AGAIN???  You know SHE won't get caught SLIPPING.  Jennifer, you just get a WARNING for this violation.  We still love you and CUTE FAMILY...

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