Wednesday, November 9, 2016

EXCLUSIVE: One on One with EMERGING singer/songwriter @RealLesIsMore! [vid]

When you are on the pulse of something new and game-changing, the vibe is almost ELECTRIC.  As soon as you hear the sound, you can surmise that you are on the horizon of GREATNESS!  We've encountered such an artist that will soon that next BIG THING on the musical landscape.  We had the PLEASURE of getting a ONE on ONE interview with EMERGING singer/songwriter LesIsMore!

It was more of a CONVERSATION than your typical INTERVIEW.  We like to bring you new and interesting acts that are ABOVE the curve and out the box, and this CONVERSATION about music and art was just that. LesIsMore gave us some INSIGHT on his UNIQUE sound, the origins of his budding career and some EXCLUSIVE details of this upcoming EP the ➖ ➕ project dropping 11.11.16 !  Check out the INTERVIEW and more after the JUMP!

1st things 1st, tell us about you name.  It's like a play on words, so tell us how it came to be?

"Me and my guys were riding around and I wanted to come up with something that people would remember.  It just came to me, 'LesIsMore'!  That shit is crazy!"

Can you describe your UNIQUE sound?

"My style is different.  Too many artists out now sound the same.  They are 'here' and I wanted to go 'THERE'."

Listening to your music, I am sure you've gotten comparisons to Drake and PARTYNEXTDOOR.  What are your thoughts on that?

"It's a blessing to be named in a group of artists of that calibre.  All I can say is that it is indeed a blessing.  I'll take that."

Your new project is dropping November 11, what can the fans expect?
 "The -+ EP is definitely gonna be fire!  Been falling in love with the songs everyday and I think the people are going to gravitate to them too."

Being that you write your own material, where do you draw your inspiration?

"I literally just go in the booth and go with the flow.  I know that sounds basic, but I just catch a vibe and I run with it."

Let's talk about your visuals.  You videos are very sublime, almost tantric.  Where do you draw from to tell your stories?

"Me and my brother TwentyTwoTime, we come up with all the visuals.  He's been shooting all my stuff.  We just kinda bounce ideas off of each other."

When did you know you wanted to be an artist?

"I kinda always knew I wanted to do music.  I would sit in on sessions with my brothers and they would do full songs in Spanish.  So from those sessions, I knew I wanted to that as well."

Les elaborated that he really was moved to do music when his father passed away last year.  That gave him the inspiration to really dig in deep and make something happen with his gift.

LesIsMore is an artist with a very DIVERSE background.  he can do Pop music and full songs in Spanish as well.  At press time he was prepping for a videoshoot in NYC.  His crew, Guerrilla Reign are working on a collaborative mixtape an d he even alluded to a DOPE COLLAB with singer/songwriter Oshea.  We pressed on him to give us some DETAIL on this new collaboration and video but he wanted to keep the LID on that just a bit longer.


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Management:  ReignCheckENT.

REMEMBER the new EP is DROPPING 11-11-16!!!

It was a PLEASURE chopping it up with this UP and COMING artist!  Remember where you heard about him FIRST!!  The JOURNEY begins...11-11-16!

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